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As promised we did not slow down in 2017 and are looking towards 2018 in a reinforced position with stronger underwriting discipline, vision and philosophy whilst becoming even more client centric.

Through our dual platform in Paris and London, with common underwriting guidelines and philosophy as well as worldwide licensing, we have produced another profitable underwriting year in a challenging market, whilst delivering consistent and appropriate insurance protection and highest level of service to our clients. For example, we have improved coverage for aerospace risks and are now working to improve protections against product defect and cyber risks.

Going forward, our clients will continue to be at the heart of our underwriting and lead market ambition. We will continue to provide you with the benefit of our expertise and leadership and to bring you our services within a unique set up supported by high quality partners. We aim to help you capture the opportunities of a continuously growing and safe industry, whilst facing some challenges, in a professional, consistent and transparent manner across our organisation.

Jean-Claude GÉZE
Chief Underwriting Officer

Our Capacity

Our Shares


$300 M USD

Major Risks

Up to 13%

Major Airlines

$230 M USD

mid-size Risks

Up to 20%

MId-Size Airlines
Manufacturers, Airports

$230 M USD

Major Risks

Up to 10%


$100 M USD

Mid-size risks

Up to 100%

Suppliers And

Up to 30%

Mid-size Manufacturers
and airports
General Aviation

$150 M USD

Up to 100%

Our Capacity

$20 M USD

Per Launch / satellite
Capacity could be

$30 M USD

IN case of 2 satellites on a launch

$10 M USD

Orbit Life

REUNION AERIENNE & SPATIALE writes business on behalf of its principals in most countries and territories subject to local laws and regulations, in accordance with country specific sanctions.


Focus on Partnerships

In a world economy which has become thoroughly globalised and whose growth is increasingly driven by non-Western regions and countries, La Réunion Aérienne opted for an approach consisting in offering local support to the aeronautical players in their own domestic insurance market.

With this in mind, we aim at entering into privileged partnerships with key insurance players in high potential and strong growth markets. Thanks to this pragmatic and case-by-case approach, we have, much in the same way as the large insurance groups, a global strategy in place, while contributing also to the development of local economies.

Ludovic Berlioux
Sales & Partnerships Manager