In compliance with the provisions of the law of 5 September 2018, L’UES* La Réunion Aérienne has published its gender equality index.

This index enables companies with more than 50 employees to evaluate aspects related to professional gender equality.

Built around four key indicators calculated over a total of 100 points, the index measures different types of data:

  • Salary gaps
  • Gaps in wages increase
  • Salary increase upon return from maternity leave
  • Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the ten employees who received the best remunerations

For 2023, L’UES* La Réunion Aérienne has scored 86 points out of 100 (based on 2022).

1- Pay gap (%) 31

2- Disparity in individual salary increases (in % points or in an equivalent number of employees)


3- Percent of employees returning from maternity leave with a salary increase (%)


4- Number of employees from the under-represented gender among the top 10 wages


Total of significative indicators


INDEX ( /100 points)


This score shows the Company’s commitment to gender equality balance. This policy will be pursued in the future.
*l’Union Economique et Sociale